The Paleo Secret

I recently took a flight from Los Angeles back home to Austin.  The flight left in the late evening so the majority of the flight was at night.  I had a window seat and I sat staring outside at the ground below.  It was covered in little clusters of bright light. You could easily tell where the humans were…which was pretty much everywhere.  The time was 10:30 P.M. but the humans looked to still be awake and very busy. I imagined them up watching TV, being “productive”, glued to their laptops, iPads & iPhones.  I tried to sleep but it wasn’t easy, the light was keeping me up.

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Need for Accountability

**This blog does contain scripture**

This past week was a little difficult. I didn’t push myself to get things done like I did that last week. But luckily, I can change. Some may think that what I am about to do will be crazy, but I think it will give me the push I need. I have decided to start counting my calories again and stop eating fast food. BUT, WAIT A MINUTE, I am going to keep Subway in and Firehouse Subs, because their foods are not fried. But you will not see me come out of Subway, with that mini pizza either. (Unless, my nieces and nephews come to visit! :)) For the next 90 days. 🙂 Which ends somewhere around November.

I don’t want to be like the rest, I want to be different.

To be honest, week 2, I kind of fell of the wagon. I feel like I had went backwards. I didn’t even seek out help because I was stuck inside myself. In Luke 16:13, says (NKJV), “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” I feel as if, I had served two different masters. One master would be food and lack of discipline. Another master would of course be Jesus Christ. I do not feel that I served Christ like I should have this week. I had junk food, I had sodas, I didn’t workout. My body made me suffer for it too.

I need help! (Yes, I admit, I need help) I need encouragement to help me get through this process, because I can not do it on my own. Because I will (already have) failed. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I need someone that can let me lean on them or push me through when I think I can not. There will be times where I feel scared because I am venturing into something new. I will remember what Duet 31:6 says (ESV), “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

So, I say I am going to go to the gym at least 5 times this week and look for the check in at Gold’s Gym (which I am thinking about closing) or Fitness Center (They are cheaper and closer to my house)  (Starting Tuesday, because today is Monday).



Beginning Week: 244 lbs

Week 1: 240.4 lbs

Week 2 (off the wagon): 243.8* Went back up because I feel off the wagon does make me sad, I have learned my lesson though*

Out of the Box

Some think that we should conform to what society says that we should be. But it never allows us to he who we want to be. How can society attempt to take over our own lives? Why do we let society dictate who we are meant to be? When challenging the norms, what do we show? Shouldn’t we be different than the rest of those who around us?

We should exceed others’ expectations of what they think and show them that we are different. I believe that I am going into a new culture, one that shocks the world. It is the type that shows there are people who genuinely care about you, encourage you and help to build you. But how can one do such a thing?

Become a person who doesn’t agree with hate.

Become a person who shows love unconditionally.

Become a person who is willing to lend a hand, while not being stepped on.

Become a person who conquers a challenge that is presented in front of them.

Become a person who believes in themselves and others around them.

Become a person who is different.

Be the person who steps out of the box (comfort zone).


The Change

Some of you may know that I am doing the 90 Day Challenge through Body By Vi. I decided that it is time for a change, within myself and my weight. I am 26 years old and I should NOT be at the weight I am at. Who’s fault is it? Who should the finger be pointed to? No one is to blame, because I did it all on my own. I believe that this is the year that I will change who I am to become the person who I am supposed to be. So, here is my warning, I am a spiritual person. So there for I will be having scripture in my blog post because He is who I am getting my strength from. I will also be putting my weight on here too, which is making me squint, when I think about it. But it is time for a change. If I find recipes, that I like, I will be posting those too! 🙂

Every Tuesday, I will have a new blog with my weight posted from Monday.

Beginning Weight – 244 lbs

Week 1 – 240.4 lbs