Love from a Single’s Perspective:

This topic has came into my mind, due to my friends getting married or engaged over the past few months. Sometimes, I do wonder, why haven’t I found love or why hasn’t someone found me? From a believer’s perspective, I believe that God is protecting me from future harm, whether it is mental, emotional, or physical pain. And for the time being, I am meant to draw closer to Him and having a deeper relationship with Him. During the time of singleness, God shapes our hearts and minds, when we allow Him to. That there is nothing to be heartbroken about, because we get to do WHATEVER we want! Which doesn’t mean that you give yourself away to anyone, because that will cause some emotional damage in the long run! I personally, only know verses that are an encouragement to women, so, sorry guys! 🙂

For your Maker is your husband,

the Lord of hosts is his name;
Isaiah 54:5


 and the king will desire your beauty.

Since he is your lord, bow to him.
Psalm 45:11

During the season of singleness, I get a chance to understand who I am as a person and learn to become a better person. Which is actually pretty hard, you have to do self-reflection. It also gives me a chance to get to meet more couples and minister to them, whether it be watching their kids, playing with their dogs, or simply just having a casual conversation. Being around married or engaged couples, shows me things in where I can improve myself and learn how to get through different situations. I do not believe that marriage is something that should be taken lightly,it is hard work and doesn’t mean you should give up! Being around couples can also teach you that communication is EXTREMELY important, without it, everything will be chaotic. Being around couples, especially older ones, show you that both partners have to put in 100% in order for it to work correctly. You can learn a lot, if you are willing to be still enough and learn. 

Love within itself can be a scary, but yet adventurous thing. We don’t know where it comes from, we don’t know where it will take us, we don’t know how it will transform us. It does all those things, shows us where it comes from, where it will take us (if we allow it to), and it without a doubt, transform us. How do we come to find love? Could it possibly be something that is learned or demonstrated? Does it show up only on Valentine’s day? 

I think that love has many forms, different ways that it can be shown and received.Sometimes, we don’t understand these types of love and how it changes us, if we do not receive it well. Here are some types, that I think are present in our everyday lives.

Agape: A love that is in a spiritual sense or known as unconditional love.
Eros: A love that is physical and passionate.
Philia: A love that you receive from friends, someone who you would call you brother or sister, but you aren’t blood related.
Storge: A love that you receive from family 

What this all boils down to, is that I am grateful for the example that my parents have given me. They have been married for 34 years and still continuing to love each other unconditionally, still best friends, still care for their children, and probably love each other passionately (I don’t want to know about that one! haha). I know that many people do not have that example in their lives, I pray that you are able to find a couple who can be this example for you and show you the cycle can be broken. 

How you or which type of love, you chose to receive is ultimately your choice! Remember that friends and family are amazing, EROS comes in time (I wouldn’t know, waiting for marriage), and AGAPE is waiting for you, you have to seek it out!


Dear Society

Dear Society,

How heartbreaking is it to see you broken,
How heartbreaking it is to see you divided,
How heartbreaking is it to see you discouraged,
How heartbreaking is it to see you oppressed.

What happened to being a land of opportunity,
What happened to being a land of freedom,
What happened to being a land of unity,
What happened to being a land of beauty?

Why has hatred captivated you,
Why has Martin Luther King’s dream died,
Why has education taken to the back burner,
Why has love become optional?

*More to come.*

You’re My Inspiration

Really nothing to add, all true! Very inspirational!

Welcome to my Walk

When I first started running, other runners and people in the gym intimidated me. I was no where near as fit or as thin as they were and I assumed that they were all judging me. I was fat and out of shape. I was miserable in my own skin and I failed to see my own beauty.

I’ve struggled with body image, as I’m sure most women in our society have, for much of my life. I’ve been thin and I’ve been fat. I’ve battled anorexia and bulimia and compulsive over eating. My mind has been a battlefield for many years. So when I decided to start running, I wasn’t really sure why I wanted to do it. My initial motivation was not to get healthier ans start a better lifestyle. But when I first started running, I found freedom. I found dedication and determination. I found that I…

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