2015 Vow

2015 is the year of embracing change, is the year where my wall of insecurity will come crumbling down. Now, when I say the year 2015, I mean the year between one birthday to another, all 365 days in between the year. (Yes, very egocentric!) I have come to the point in my life, where I am tired of making plans, I am tired of giving up on myself, I am tired of being unhappy in a place where I am not flourishing, I am tired of being stuck. The list of things I am tired of can go on and on, so I will spare you.

2015 will be the year, where most of the weight that I have vowed to come off, will finally begin to melt away. This is the year, where I will seek new adventures, being in one place is not sitting well with me anymore. This is the year, where I learn how to go more with the flow instead of constructing a route for everything to go. This is the year, where hopefully, I will be able to move.

What I vow to accomplish in 2015:

To stop doubting myself

To be more confident

To stop letting my fear of failure/success consume me

To have a passport (I WANT TO TRAVEL!)

To lose all my insecurities!

What is it that you are vowing to do this year?