I am beginning to LOVE my location

Just beginning to process the words that is my title to this blog, “I am beginning to LOVE my location.” When I was living in Killeen, I know that there were things that I liked about Killleen, but I know couldn’t truly say I love Killeen. Just living there for over 30 years, you would expect me to say, “Killeen is my home, I want to see it thrive to it’s fullest potential.” But unfortunately, that thought never came to my mind until I moved down here to San Antonio. Trust me when I say, I do want to see Killeen thrive and max out it’s potential and to show the world what loving your neighbor is really like. Yes, some people are introverts and don’t like meeting random people. Thankfully extroverts help to even that out.

Speaking of being extroverted, it takes a lot of courage to walk into another place of worship or a support group. I would have to say, I felt a little out of place walking into a new church. I’ve never felt that way before because I am the one, who normally goes with friends to a church they are wanting to try and ask all the questions! haha I guess it was time for the role to be reversed. I come to find out, as much as I crave to have a Titus 2 women’s relationship, most of the churches down here aren’t necessarily into mixing the generations. I thought that was odd, but I told the pastor or small group leader that I am into breaking molds (probably my own rebellious streak you are going to find when it comes to my faith and when I am craving to grow).

In my last blog or facebook post, I wrote something along the lines that I will praise God on the mountain tops and valley lows. Whenever I am on the mountain or in the valley, I know I need to keep God’s Word hidden in my heart and mind, because He deserves my praise. Thinking and understanding that, I have come to the grips that I may be staying in Texas for the rest of my life and just traveling around the world on mission trips or just vacation. But I know at this moment, I am meant to love the people in the city of San Antonio and meeting them where they are because other people may not know how to love others where they are in life. Sometimes, we all have our eyes closed because we wish to not see what is happening in the world, because of it’s darkness and brokenness. People wonder where has our humanity gone? I wonder, why do you think it is gone? Why don’t you show the world some of humanity and by doing the right thing, allows another individual to demonstrate the same action! Don’t expect other people to do what you do, they are created DIFFERENT and they process things differently too! We as people are not meant to be stuck in a mold, we are all meant to be unique.

At this moment, my uniqueness is currently my motivator to make a lasting change in other people’s lives, whether it is people I encounter in my current job or those who I’ve worked with in the past. Everything and Everyone is where they are meant to be at that particular time, don’t question it. I am thankful that God has moved me from where I was because  I would never come to the realization that I have started to fall in love with this city, San Antonio and will always have a place in my heart for Killeen (and the people that live there). Time to dive into community projects and start causing a ripple effect! Do something great! Be amazing!! Thrive and Strive!! Hustle and Grind!!

My apologies, if this blog seems scattered. I am just currently in that set of mind. 🙂 Nothing to be too concerned about! 🙂 Buenos Noche!


A New Beginning

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can”
– Nikos Kazantzakis

As some know, I had started a new journey in my life in a different town. Just learning how to set up multiple accounts and to address issues that are currently happening in my apartment; is just plainly funny. We go through this ideal while we are younger that, “I can’t wait to be a grown up, I can make up my own rules and I can do WHATEVER I WANT!” Oh how I wish I could have the days when I was a child back. Who as an adult actually likes paying bills?!?!? Now, please understand, I do like creating budgets! I know it sounds weird, but very much true. I believe that we, as young adults, should know how to budget our expenses to know what we have, what we are able to spend, and to understand how badly we need the very item. (Sorry, that was a rant.) I wish that I could hug up on my parents everyday and tell them that I love them so much. Don’t worry, I take advantage every time that I get. But, I am here to spread my wings and grow into my own person.

I came down to San Antonio for a new job in the counseling field, specifically the substance abuse arena. How amazing is it that God provided this opportunity for me to grow in a professional sense and to gain awesome insight into the lives of addicts. Yes, I am truly fascinated about the world of addiction, because if we are honest with ourselves, you and I, know that we all have a problem/addiction and it should be addressed when the time is right. Like how I was terminated from my job and God (Jehovah Jireh) provided an interview 11 days later, than 3 days after that. I received an email stating that I was hired. So, I was really out of employment for only 5-6 weeks (rough estimate). Like that is unheard of, BUT, God is so good and He does provide through whatever transition that you may currently be in your life.

But, when this opportunity had presented itself, I did question it a little bit. I think it was just the fear of being in a new place and not being around “people that I know”, but more importantly, not being around my parents. I am surely blessed when it comes to my parents, they have been gracious to me. They have been the earthly reminder of what GRACE is and how it is supposed to work in my life. For that, I am forever thankful for them and the example that they lead. Being down here in San Antonio will cause me to grow in more ways than one. First things first, it will help me grow in my relationship in God because I am going to have to LEAN on Him in order to get me through this transition. Second, it will help me create new connections, whether it is through a missional connections or through my professional connections. Third, it will help me to grow in my personal relationships, because we are created to be relational creatures, who need and crave relationships to shape and grow us as individuals! (Side rant, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you should definitely get with a mentor or someone who can help you guide you in your life. Also, pray for someone else to disciple! We are meant to make other disciples in this world because it is filled with brokenness and we need to remember the Gospel for our own heart and for those that we interact with on a daily basis, whether it is at work, school, church, and other places that I may not think of. BE THE LIGHT WHERE ONLY DARKNESS SHINES! End of side rant)

I am excited to start new adventures, whether it is through visual arts or through meeting up with random fitness groups in the park! Either way, this whole experience is an amazing opportunity and I am PRAISING God for what He has done for me, while I was in my lowest valleys and on top of my highest mountain tops. So either way, Praise be to God!

** — **

New blogs to appear in the near future, about what I’ve been doing or changing about myself down here in San Antonio!